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The Eastern Sicily provides visitors with picturesque views of landscapes immersed in a lush green
in ‘charming union between’ blue Sea and red of fire ‘ Mount .


And ‘the highest active volcano’ Europe , with a height of 3350 m . Etna with its frequent eruptions, scheduled to last from a few days to a few years, it is always constantly changing. Located within the territory of the province of Catania, it has always been a tourist destination for the more passionate.


The coastline of fertile lava land between Catania and Acireale is known as the Cyclops . Until recently it was the area of fishing villages; Today is a summer resort destination.

The coast owes its name to a Homeric legend, according to which the towering black rocks that rise from the sea – really large pieces of solidified lava – were thrown by the Cyclops Polyphemus, in a desperate attempt to halt Ulysses on the run.


The walk will begin to discover Catania in Piazza Stesicoro where you can admire the remains of the Roman amphitheater, one of the largest of antiquity. It will continue along Via Etnea, full of baroque palaces, to reach Piazza University and deflect towards the Alessi stairway that leads to Via Crociferi, famous for its eighteenth-century churches that have been the backdrop for many films.

Passing under the arch of the Benedictines you arrive in Piazza San Francesco overlooked by the church and the monument to Cardinal Dusmet. It will continue to the Piazza Frederick of Swabia with the Ursino Castle, to conclude in Piazza Duomo with the visit of the Cathedral and the Town Hall.


Taormina is a small town on the east coast, halfway between Messina and Catania. It is one of the most important international tourist centers of the Sicilian region, known for its natural landscape, marine beauty and its historical monuments.

There are numerous events and events that every year, especially in summer, are located in Taormina. Exceptional setting of concerts, classical and pop music, plays, operas, great evenings of entertainment often from radio and television broadcasters is the ancient theater of Taormina.